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Downey SST

Category: Bed Covers

Manufacturer: Downey

Downey Inverted Cover Snap

The exclusive patented Downey inverted cover snap attaches anywhere along the channels length, there is nothing to realign. The snap is made of an indestructible self-lubricating material that is guaranteed for the life of the cover

High Quality Aluminum Frame

The satin black aircraft quality anodized aluminum frame blends in so it looks even with the cover off. The Downey SST frame looks better and more professional than bright aluminum, especially on darker colors.

Easy Snap Channel Means Quick Cover Removal

The easy snap channel allows for quick and complete cover removal with no frame disassembly. The SST also allows for easy access at the front of the bed, not possible with roll up styles.

Helps Improve Fuel Economy

The SST tonneau opens anywhere, including the front of the bed. And the SST’s sleek design helps improve fuel mileage by up to 10% for even more savings. “That’s like a free gallon of fuel for every 20 gallons used!