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The obstacle detection system is designed to fit almost any automobile including cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. Its unique detection pattern has extremely strong range for six full feet behind the vehicle's bumper, while at the same time, giving superb peripheral coverage. This will help to ensure your safety when reversing. Whether parallel parking, maneuver in tight areas, or just simply backing out of the driveway, with the obstacle detection system you can reverse with confidence.
HitchScan - The Wireless Reverse Obstacle Detection System
The HitchScan is a rear park assist that fits into 1 1/4" and 2" hitch reciever and acts as a fully functional step. When the customer engages the reverse gear, the HitchScan powers up and scans behind the vehicle. Warning tones from the wireless receiver will notify the driver as the vehicle gets closer to an object. Day or Night; Rain or Shine, HitchScan is designed to detect what you can not see.

Easy installation - Installs and removes in less than 30 seconds. No wires to cut, no drilling, no labor. Will not drain batteries, and will not void factory warranty.

Installation is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Plug In Power (Includes 7-way & Universal power adapters)
2. Insert Hitch Unit (Universal - fits 1 1/4" and 2" trailer hitches)
3. Insert Wireless Receiver (Plugs into cigarette lighter)

Plug and Play RF Speaker and Visual Indicator
The system silently scans for objects in the blind zone and when an object is detected, the transmitter alerts the driver with warning tones and a visual notification.