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Fuel Tanks

Catlin Truck Accessories has installed LEGAL auxiliary, transfer and replacement fuel tanks since 1967.

We specialize in diamond plate aluminum and steel fuel tanks. Our tanks are available with or without a built in toolbox. The auxiliary tanks tie into your truck’s fuel system to give you more gallons and extended range for your truck. The transfer tanks are designed to fill up off-road equipment. We also have a combination tank that will do both as long as you are not using off-road diesel. Our auxiliary tanks either mount in the bed of the pickup truck or under the vehicle. Our transfer tanks mount in the bed of your pick up truck, utility body or flat bed. You have your choice of an electric or manual pump.
The steel factory replacement fuel tanks are for cars, pickups, SUVs and vans that come with factory installed tanks. If your factory tank is plastic you will have to call the dealer.

We are parts specialists for aftermarket installed auxiliary tanks and factory tanks. The parts that we sell range from electric selector valves, fuel sending units, toggle and rocker switches, standard and locking fuel caps, fuel pumps etc. We also sell legal installation kits if you already have a tank.

What we mean by LEGAL kits is that the customer and installer are responsible for how the tank is installed. If it is done illegally the owner of the truck can be fined from $2,000 to $6,000 and can have his truck confiscated if two infractions are found. If you are fined the authorities give you sixty days to have it corrected. If you are caught again they will take your drivers license. After this they will go after the installer with a $5,000 fine.